Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Seth's Blog: Good is not almost as good as great

Seth's Blog: Good is not almost as good as great:
"'s obvious that a great salesperson is going to sell far, far more than a good one. Nine women working together can't have a baby in one month, and ten good salespeople still aren't going to close the account that a great one could. That's because it's not a linear scale. The great ones reach out. They work the phones when they're not first in line. They understand what a customer wants. They're not just better than good. They're playing a totally different game."

That's the answer to question why there are so many blogs out there, but only few of them are really popular. And again - it is absolutely safe for gurus to throw away gems of wisdom. They won't teach their competitors. Because being successful is more then just following step-by-step instructions. It's all about intuition, that gut feeling of what is going to work. You either have it, or not. And no coach can teach you that. That is why they feel themselves quite safe teaching. :)

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